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--Nerkmid Cheat-
Buy a nerkmid. anyone, then put it up for auction. then
use it and u still get the money from the auction and you get the nerkmid but you must USE the nerkmid! (so be careful when u r

to go to Mystery island stores without totem,
click the that paw print ~~~ > then u r at the islands shops!

make a wish of 1NP. Hit enter. now, up top where you type in a website, at the end it says thanks=1 erase the 1 and put in
500000 or so then hit enter. Have fun with your new item! NOTE:You will most likely get your item if u do it more than once.

--Money Tree Cheat-
This will give you a better chance to win, go
to the money tree.Click on some money or an item.Go to the address bar (where the URL is) and you will notice that the last
thing is a big number.Now change it by adding about 10 or 20. (to the end of it like,.,. um,.,. how about say.. the number is 10000.
ill add 20 to it like this: 10020)Now hit
the enter button. Refresh it as much as u can.After about 15 to 20 seconds u should start over.

Here is a refresher that will pick up items and np and give them to u. but before you go and do this u should put all your np
somewere and your items because you can loose them!! click the that paw print for it
~~~ >

--Make 100,000nps a day-
Do exactly what I am doing! Open a theme park, search around for cheats and, advertise! :) ill be happy if u want to copy all
these things and put them into your park! i dont really need the money... (i got lots!)

--Cooking Pot Recipies-
(very long)
Jelly Donut Smoothie Ergyfruit Broccoli = Ergy Brolloci
Green Apple Onion Rings = Apple Onion Rings Kraku
Berry Donut = Kracudonut
Fungifruit Pizza = Fungi Pizza
Thornberry Ice Cream = Thorn Cream Cone
Organic Bananas Wriggling Grub = Banana
Mechaberries Bread= Mechabread
Mechaberries Donut= Mechadonut Rainbow Negg
Vanilla Milkshake= Rainbow Vanilla Negg
Spicy Wings Hotcakes= Chicken Roll
ChocoPie Slice Coffee= Coffee Cake
NeoCruch Cereal Plum= Plum Cereal
Plum Grilled Cheese= Plum Cheese Bread
Kraku Berry Donut= Kracudonut
Neocola Wine=Caffeine Bubbles
Rainbow Negg Cherries Vanilla Milkshake= Rainbow Vanilla Negg Rainbow Negg Vanilla Milkshake= Vanilla Negg
Plum Neocrunch Cereal = Plum Crunch Cereal
Grilled Cheese Ham = Grilled Ham Sandwich
Bread Cheese Plum = Plum Cheese Bread
Spicy Wings Hot Cakes = Chicken Roll
Mecha Berries Donut = Mecha Donut
Coffee ChocoPie Slice = Coffee Cake
Mechaberries Bread = Mecha Bread
Ice Creamy Jelly-Large Donutfruit = Jelly Donut Smoothie
Neocola Wine = Caffeine Bubbles
Ergyfruit Broccoli = Ergy Brolloci
Green Apple Onion Rings = Apple Onion Rings
Kraku Berry Donut = Kracudonut
Fungifruit Pizza = Fungi Pizza
Thornberry Ice Cream = Thorn Cream Cone
Organic Bananas Wriggling Grub = Banana Grub
Rainbow Vanilla Negg Cinnamon Swirl = Scrambled Rainbow Negg
Sausage bread = sausage wrap
Kraku Berries Teal Juppie = Muntando Fruit--Free Food-
Put a common item, such as a book, in your shop for all the money you have (including the money in the bank) Go to your shop
front and buy the book from yourself (you should now have 0 NP.) next go to the soup kitchen and enjoy your free food.To get
your money back just simply go to your sales history and withdraw it out of your shop. :)

--Shops Reload at:
05, 10, 17, 22, 32, 43, 56 (i think! :) it is the closest!)

--Chat Smiles!:
:) -regular smile
;) -winkin
:P -toungue out
B) -sunglasses
:0 -mouth open!(i think thats the one! try it k?)
:[ -devil!
:( -sad...
and i am still tryin to get more! :)

--EASY QUESTS-You know that, the more you play Neopets, the harder quests get. Well, not anymore! Make a new account
and put your real pets up for adoption. Adopt them into the new account. Then go on some easy quests! (When Done: Put them
up for adoption and send them back to the regular account.) now they will have the thingys *hehe*.

--HUNTER SEEKER-Hunter-Seeker is a terrific program!. Go to
for more info and the download. (it is a thing that plays kacheek seek for u while u r doin sompin else! it gets u free np!)The Air
Faerie-The Air Faerie's quests are always for cheap things, such as lipstick or eyeshadow. She makes your pet quicker/speedier.
Worth Doing: Yes--Earth Faerie-
The Earth Faerie's requests are usually pretty hard. Once in a while she'll ask for something like shampoo,
but most of the time her stuff is expensive. The only thing she does is feed your pet.
Worth Doing: No
--Fire Faerie-
The Fire Faerie mostly asks for things in the 500 NP range or so. They're not usually hard to find. She will give your pet a
stronger attack power.
Worth Doing: Yes
--Water Faerie
-The Water Faerie's quests are usually for books. Some of them are easy to find, like "Tigren Facts". Others are really expensive,
like "Billy Blue Hat". She'll increase your pet's defense.
Worth Doing: Yes
--Light Faerie
-The Light Faerie always asks for cards. nothing else. Mostly they're in between the blue cards (common) and the yellow
(impossibly hard to find). So, most of the time, they range from 300 to 2,000 NP. She'll raise your pets a level!
Worth Doing: Yes
--Dark Faerie-The Dark Faerie seems to like toys. She'll commonly ask for Fuzzles, Bikes, and stuff like that. She'll give your pet
hit points.
Worth Doing: No
--Queen Faerie
-The Queen Faerie's requests are very, very rare... and so are the items she requests. Most of the time they're literally impossible
to find. She'll raise your pet to the highest of one thing it can be (i.e., she'll make it ULTIMATE in strength, intelligence, or
speed). Sometimes she'll raise them a level.
Worth Doing: yes follow the instructions on the site....make SURE that you start a game of gormball or
yuo only get half as many NPs! 1) 2) these are most of the
combinations for the cooking pot: 1Ham+Grilled Cheese=Ham and Cheese sandwich 2Mechaberries+Bread=Mechabread
3Toffee IceCream+ThornBerry=Thorn Cream Cone 4Mechaberries+Donut=Mechadonut 5Spicy Wings+Hot Cakes=Chicken
Roll 6Plum+Grilled Cheese=Plum Cheese Bread 7NeoCrunch Cereal+Plum=Plum Crunch Cereal 8ChocoPie
Slice+Coffee=Cake COffee 9Rainbow Negg+Vanilla Milkshake=Rainbow Vanilla Negg 10Ergy Fruit+Broccoli=Ergy Broccoli
11Green Apple+Onion Rings=Apple Onion Rings 12IceCreamy Jelly Smoothie+Donutfruit=Jelly Donut Smoothie 13Fungi
Fruit+Pizza=Fungi Pizza 14Mechabread+TigerSquash Mega=Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast 15Organic Bananas+Wriggling
Grub=Banana Grub 16Rainbow Vanilla Negg+Cinnamon Swirl=Scrambled Rainbow Negg 17Scrambled Rainbow
Negg+Chocolate Chip Cookie=Negg Cream Cookie 18Sausage+Bread=Sausage Wrap 19Teal Juppie+Kraku
Berries=Muntando Fruit 20Joint of Ham+Muntando Fruit=Sweet Ham and Fruit 3) You can donate fake
money to the wishing well by going to the wishing well and making a wish for 1 NP then you open my site in a new browser and
you open "the itemgrabber"! Let the itemgrabber go as long as you think is needed! (10 seconds? maybe 10 minutes? You
decide!) 4 making fake referrals! Go to a computer at (for example) school and sign up at your referral adress! 5) using the
shopwizzard for a quest: make a second accound and swich to that account to search for the item you need! 6) Fill up your pets
for free: ingredients: a shop, 1 item... Put the item into your shop for the price you have on your bank account plus the money
you're carrying at the moment. Buy the item. Go to the soup kitchen and fill up your pets till they're bloated! then go to your shop
and get the money from your till!!! 7) And to get the TOTEM CHEAT go to 8) Create a new account. Then put something into your real account's shop for all the NP you earned on the
new account. Buy the item in the new account. Become NeoFriends with your real account, and send the item back to your real
account. Then ignore the fake account. 9) Here are the answers to the Cartoon Network game: Game #1 = Dexter Game #2 =
Daphne and Velma Game #3 = Johnny Bravo Game #4 = Power Puff Girls Go to the cooking pot and put these pets in to get the
pet that "="s! Fungree + Buzzer = FoobugPoppit + Spyder = Spoppy Triffin + Anglepuss = Blooky Sorkle + Mongmong = Snorkle
A list of other sites with cheats, refreshers, hunter seeker, and more! http://www.geocities/ BUT here are the three
BEST refreshers: 1) 2) 3) FOR MAP PIECES: Ummm, well keep a refreher going and you'll eventually find all the
peicesHOW I MAKE LIKE 5000 A DAY
I buy lots of Spicy wings and lots of Hot Cakes and mix them up in the cooking pot and when i buy them i pay no more than 30 np
each. Then i go and put them in the shop for 85 np!!! You can do this if you want because i dont mind losing business to someone
thats poorer than me
How do you make more than 1 board have the same name in chat???
First board: you put the title!
Second board: you skip a spot and put the titel!
Third board: skip 2 spots and put the title!
Fourth board: skip 3 spots and put the title! (ect)
Here is the duplication cheat 1.) Go into Your Inventory. 2.) Click on an item that you want to duplicate. 3.) Right-click on the
page that pops up and view the source. Copy and paste that source into an HTML section of your own free website. (You can
get free websites right here at Neopets.) 4.) Change where it says "Select Action" to "Give To [Your Username Here]" (near
bottom). 5.) Go to the website, and press "submit"!
also go here:

new cheat! its the nerkmid cheat!
The Nerkmid Cheat Buy a nerkmid it doesn't matter which one put it up for auction then use it you still get the money from the
auction and you get the nerkmid but you must USE the nerkmid or it wont work!
Hi im here to tell you how to get codes cheats and tips.
I buy lots of Spicy wings and lots of Hot Cakes and mix them up in the cooking pot and when i buy them i pay no more than 30 np
each. Then i go and put them in the shop for 85 np!!! You can do this if you want because i dont mind losing business to someone
thats poorer than me
How do you make more than 1 board have the same name in chat???
First board: you put the title!
Second board: you skip a spot and put the titel!
Third board: skip 2 spots and put the title!
Fourth board: skip 3 spots and put the title! (ect)
i think this is a refresher i havent tried it yet
1) will get you items while you sleep, eat or watch TV. Note: Especially
when using refresher pages, make sure all your items are locked in your safety box, and all of your NP are in the bank, not only
does this increase chances of finding items and np, but also to lose items and np.
2)To get items from the wishing well for sure this is what you have to do.
First:Type in what you want and donate 10NP.
Second:Hit enter and type the exact same item and 10 NP. BUT DO NOT HIT ENTER.
Third:Up top where you type in a website address at the end it says thanks=10 erase the 10 and put in 500,000 then hit enter.
Fourth:Have fun with your new item.
TO MAKE 22,000NP
1)Put your pet referrall banner in your shop from banners section.
2)Then buy 10 chia books.
3)Price them at 2200nps each.
4) Go to your shop and make a (fake) name, by clicking on a banner.(example= jkgljgjg)- this will give you 500NP and a referal
5)Next go to speedy click and make a name.- Another 500NP
6)Make 4 pets.-200NP 7) Play the cartoon network game (the answers are dexter, velma, johnny bravo and the powerpuff
girls!)-THERE'S another 100NP 8)Buy one of the chia books from your real name's shop.
9)Do that 10 times and then you magically have 20,200nps in your shop till in about an hour.
Free Food

Don't you ever wish you could get free food when you have to much neopoints to get it from the Soup Faerie? Well there is a
way! But, you have to have a shop. So you have a shop and you have to many neopoints to get free food from the Soup Faerie?
Good. Keep reading. What you do is price an item that is in your shop for the exact number of neopoints you have. (Including the
neopoints you have in the bank.) Then buy that item. Then go to the Soup Kitchen and feed your pet. But dont worry, you still
have your neopoints. Then when you are done feeding your pet, Go to "my shop." Now go to "sales history." Withdraw your
neopoints. Then, if you want, you can put that item back in your shop! And there ya have it. Free food!
Free Chocolate Lupes!
At 10:00 p.m. - 10:05 p.m., (eastern time) the Lupe Pack donates hundreds of chocolate lupes to the money tree!
Free Neopoints!

(You have to have a shop to use this secret) First Click the name fusio at the bottom To Create a new account. Sign up under the
ages of 13 to 17. Create four pets. Then play games that win you neopoints. Then sign up for speedyclick. If you know other
ways to earn neopoints do that. Then go to your other account and make an item in your shop the same price as the number of
neopoints that you have in the account you just made. Then go to your other account. Buy that item from your regular account
worth how many noepoints you have in the account your on now. Then make your other account name your neofriend. Send the
item you just bought to your regular account. This trick takes a while, but it is worth it in the end!

this site is a help site,cheat site,html site go to this site fpr html help i dont do it here and for the cheat codes and every thing else here it is!!! 1.Go to Games,
then to the Blue Kacheek Seek counting to 4, play in the library. you get 400-500NP per pet per day. 2. Open a small shop & put
food in it! Don't buy items that are from other stores. Usually it's higher. Buy the items at the shops. It's way cheaper. Once a
shop is big enough (size 25 or so) it will apear in the marketplace where business will be better. 3. Chia Bingo : Every twenty
seconds they change the numbers they say they've called completely. So pay no attention to the little guys holding numbers. What
we do, is check off all the numbers on both our cards. Then, each time the screen refreshes, we look fast to see if a full card of
our numbers is shown on the callers card. If you see all the numbers, call bingo fast! If you don't do it before they refresh, they
will say you are wrong. Also, always call bingo at the end of the game, just in case! 5.Use this Page Refresher. It refreshes three
pages @ the same time and you'll get lots of items. Just be sure to put the items you already have into your safety deposit box and
all your money in the bank. ( 7.Get a piece of notebook paper
and a pen, then look at your numbers on the bingo card, and write them down in numerical order making two seperate columns,
one for each card. Then when bingo refreshes quickly look at your first number on card one, if it is called go to the next one and
the next and so on, if all the numbers are called hit bingo right away. If there is one not called try the next card, and do the same
thing! 8.Here's another tip for Kacheek Seek. (Note:This next tip only works for Internet Explorer). An easy way to play
Kacheek Seek is to chose a hard map, like the Castle. Why not the library? Even with this "cheat" the library takes forever. Ok,
so you're at the castle. Keep pressing tab and enter and that will automatically scan the whole place for your pet, this is 20x more
effective than clicking on each place. 9.Scorchy Slots is a game of luck, but this tip will help you get to the volcano easier. When
you see the hold option, hold all the reels that have numbers. If you have, say 3 watermelons in a row, hold those to get the same
amount of neopoints the next time. 10.Improve your chances of getting something from the donation tree by 20 times! How? Well
this only works for Internet Explorer. Go to the donation tree and keep pressing F5 every second or so. When you see something
you want, you will need lightning speed to click on it and get it before anybody else takes it. I did this for about half an hour and I
got 10000 np! 11.Quests are easy in this game if you do them with a friend. Take turns doing quests, and have your partner use
the shop wizard for you. If the item is too expensive, toss the quest and get a new one within 10 minutes. While waiting for a new
quest you can help your partner finish several quests. Also, you can make a new account just for Quests. 12.Do you hate when
people always get your bids on auctions. First have two windows open, one that shows the first 20 auctioned items, the other that
shows the 21-40 items. Keep reloading the page that shows the 21-40th items at the auction, if you see something you like then
click on it. Don't bid anything yet though. In the window with the first 20 items, keep pressing refresh until you see the item you
want has 10 seconds left. Then go to the window which shows the current bids for that item. Place a bid, then go back to the
window that shows the bid. Keep on hitting refresh, when somebody else bids then you place a bid as soon as possible. Keep
repeating that until the auction is closed, and voila you will have a much higher chance of having that item you want. 13.If you
have too much money to use the Soup Kitchen but can never get food. Put one item in to your shop for as much as you have. Buy
the item. The Soup Kitchen will work for you then. When you need your money back just go to your till. 14.The best game to
make money is scorchy slots! I went there with 541NP, and sat there for 15 minutes, and left with 983NP and a map piece!
Another tip you should add is that if, when it gets time to choose what to freeze, and you have two of something right next to each
other, then forget the number thing and save those two. You also have a better chance of winning if those two things are in the
middle 2 slots! 15. Here's the shop times (give or take a few seconds): 01 :09 :18 :22 :30 :35 :52
Codes for the hide and seek!
i thought of this 1
go to the library or the tree, then click any were then click Tab then enter then keep repeating
How to make 75,000 np??? Just tell people that you themepark has all the secrets and how to make 100,000 np!!! and write the
same thing as i did! You can also go to my shop for cheap food and other cool stuff: My shop! Here are some cheats: To get
items from the wishing well for sure this is what you have to do. First:Type in what you want and a low ammount of Neopoint.
Second:Hit enter and do it again but DO NOT HIT ENTER THE SECOND TIME. Third:Up top where you type in a website at
the end it says thanks=(nuber of NP you put in) eraser the 1 and put in 500000 then hit enter. Fourth:Have fun with your new
item. Cheats!!! Here are some recipies for the cooking pot! Grilled Cheese/Ham= Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Mechaberries/Bread= Mechabread Mechaberries/Donut= Mechadonut Rainbow Negg/Vanilla Milkshake= Rainbow Vanilla
Negg Spicy Wings/Hotcakes= Chicken Roll ChocoPie Slice/Coffee= Coffee Cake NeoCruch Cereal/Plum= Plum Cereal
Plum/Grilled Cheese= Plum Cheese Bread Kraku Berry/Donut= Kracudonut
Neocola/Wine=Caffeine Bubbles Pizza+Fungi Fruit=Fungi Pizza Donutfruit+Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie=Jelly Donut Smoothie
Green Apple+Onion Rings=Apple Onion Rings Ergy Fruit+Broccoli=Ergy Broccoli Thornberry+Toffee Ice Cream=Thorn Cream
Cone Mechabread+TigerSquash Megs=Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast
1. For free food, open a shop and put in one item and price it for all your money. Buy it yourself. Then go to the soup kitchen and
get your food. To get your money back, simply collect it from your shop. 2. Another nice thing is the hunter seeker. It
automatically plays hide and seek with your pets. The URL for the site with it is: (I
know what the thing says...and if you'd ask I'd tell) 3. Play the stock market! Buy the 1NP things in mass quantity and sell them
at 2NP...or wait longer for more! 4. It's wise to keep a part of your NP in the bank to use as security if you ever run low. 5.
Refer people! Lots of people! The more people you refer, the better the prizes you will receive! 6. Play lots of games, like
kacheek seek and Scorchy slots! 7. Buy Fearies from the magic store and re-sell them (in auctions OR in your shop) for about
900-1000 nps! 8. Put books (like World Class Wockys or Unique Unis) is your shop for 500 nps, then log-out, create a new (fake)
account and with the 500 nps you will receive for signing up, buy a book from your real account's shop! (do this again and again)
Hope those will help you! 9. Shop re-stocking times: :02, :09, :18, :22, :30, :35, :52 Play gorm ball! It gives you uncommon items!
Game # Answer Game One: Dexter Game Two: Daphne and Velma Game Three: Johnny Bravo Game Four: PowerPuff Girls If
done correctly the first time, this will get you 1000NP! Play lots of games! You'll get lots of np! For more cheats go to Ultimate
refresher!! - Use Hunter Seeker to do your
Kacheek Seek for you - Create an account, make it buy stuff from your shop, and then give it back to yourself, and you've got
some free np! - Make your shop impressive looking (go to HTMLGoodies for help) and have a banner made for your shop, which
people can recognise (for great banners, try NeoBanners) - Set up a theme park, and promise cheats inside (although you don't
actually have to put them in!) - Beg to some of the bigger shops. Ask for a faerie or a basic paintbrush, but don't go overboard. -
Go to the wishing well in the marketplace, and donate about 1np, and when the thankyou page comes up, in the url it will say how
much you've donated, and change it to about 99999 and press enter. You will most likely get your item then. - Make friends with
rich people! - Get into Mystery Isle shops w/o totems!! Just put 'a' at the end of mystery isle shop urls!

The Cheapest Shops Ive Ever Seen!!!!!

What's Neopets? Neopets is this online virtual pet community where you can adopt virtual pets (up to 4) and feed them with food
you buy, play with them with toys you buy and read to them with books you buy. If you're wondering how do you buy this stuff it's
easy. All you do is earn NeoPoints. Neopoints in the Neopia (the city) currency. If you want tips on how to earn alot of Neo
Points, then go to Tips and Cheats and it will have all you'll need. What do I do now? Now its really up to you. You can go to the
shops and buy some food and toys for your pets. If the main shops are all sold out try using the shop wizard to search for some
great bargains in the market place. You can also set up your own Neopian Bank account, put your valuables in a safety deposit
box and set up your own shop. Just browse around the shopping area.
Here's The Cheats I Promised You! 1. New shop times - they changed it to 7 times a hour! 02, :09, :18, :22, :30, :35, :52 after
each hour. 2.Need Refreshers Pages For Items While You Sleep Go To 3.Hunter Seeker for Hunter Seeker (If ou dont Have It Already 4.. LUPE
CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!! Last night I accidentally clicked on the money tree, so I donated some np, when doing
so hundreds of chocolates came up said Donated by The Lupe Pack. It was sometime in between 10:00 - 10:05 pm (eastern
time!) MAGIC COOKING POT INGREDIENTS!!! 5.Rainbow Negg + Vanilla Milkshake + any other food = Vanilla Neg
}-90000 np woth Spicy Wings + Hot Cakes + any other food = Chicken Roll }-90000 np woth Grilled Cheese + Ham + any other
food = Grilled Ham Sandwich}-90000 np woth Mechaberries + Bread + any other food = Mechabread }-90000 np woth Bread
+cheese+ plum = Cheese Plum Bread }-90000 np woth plum + neocrunch cereal = plum crunch cereal }-90000 np woth Mecha
Berries + Donutes = Mecha Donute }-90000 np woth 6.To Make Np to make lots of np set up a shop and sell ANY item for
2200 np...then make a new name, sign up with speedyclick and make four pets, then play the cartoon network game (the answers
are dexter, velma, johnny bravo and the powerpuff girls!) then buy the item from your shop with your new name...TADA!
7.Lurker Its Coming out October 19th 2000 9.MAKE NP!!! Read The Top Carefully 10.Totem Cheat NOTE***ONLY
WORKS WITH Internet Explorer In order to do this you need 2 items: The Totem and a common item. (Example "Book") Open
the book choices page (go to inventory and click on its picture), then right-click anywhere and select view source. Next, leave that
notepad open and open the totem choices page. Press +N to open the page to a new window, so you can see its URL address. In
the address should be a Number. Copy the number. Now, go back to the notepad. Look down near the bottom,
Choose an ActionPut into your Safety Deposit BoxPut up for AuctionDonate ItemDiscard ItemGive to (User-Name Here)
(User-Name Here)
Select it, then paste the number from the Totem Page over it. Next, add the before the use_object.phtml
at the beginning, shown in bold and italic. Copy all the html into like a wordpad Then open up a free webspace if you don't already
have it, and make a html file from the codes, then open it and send! 11.Wishing Well Donate 1np and change the nummber at the
top to 500000 or whatever 12.Money Tree Change the # at the to and you may get lucky BUT VERY HARD.
i got these from a theme park
1. Shop Restock Times The main shops restock 7 times an hour. The minutes they restock every hour. 2, 9, 18, 22, 30, 35, and 52
2. Hunter Seeker Will play hide and seek with your pets! If you have 4 pets you can earn about 2000np a day.hunter seeker is 1
of my links
3. Cooking Pot Recipes The Cooking Pot is located on the Mystery Island.
1. Grilled Cheese + Ham = Ham and Cheese Sandwich
2. Mechaberries + Bread = Mechabread
3. Mechaberries + Donut = Mechadonut
4. Rainbow Negg + Vanilla Milkshake = Rainbow Vanilla Negg
5. Spicy Wings + Hotcakes = Chicken Roll
6. ChocoPie Slice + Coffee = Coffee Cake
7. NeoCruch Cereal + Plum = Plum Cereal
8. Plum + Grilled Cheese = Plum Cheese Bread
9. Kraku Berry + Donut = Kracudonut
10. Juicy Melon + Lemon N and Ns = Lemon Melon
11. Neocola + Wine = Caffeine Bubbles
12. Pizza+Fungi Fruit = Fungi Pizza
13. Donutfruit+Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie = Jelly Donut Smoothie
14. Green Apple+Onion Rings = Apple Onion Rings
15. Ergy Fruit+Broccoli = Ergy Broccoli
16. Thornberry+Toffee Ice Cream = Thorn Cream Cone
17. Organic Banan+Wriggling Grub = Bananna Grub
18.Mechabread+TigerSquash Mega = Mecha Tiger Jam and Bread
4. Refreshers Get Items while you sleep, eat, surf the net, etc. Increases Chances. the urls for the refreshers are , this 1 is the best i think but i dont think
it refreshes it just opens up tons of windows but you refresh it and you should get tons and tons of items! oh yeah it refreshes the
whole site but it waits 5 -7 mins ill make a site like it and ill put more refreshers on it! and make the site refresh its self faster! just
keep checking back here!
5. Quests Good tip if you happen to have Netscape and Microsoft, log into one account on each, open the wizard in one, and the
quests in another
6. Lupe Chocolate Giveaway Donated by The Lupe Pack. Sometime between 10:00 - 10:05 pm (eastern time!)
7. Money Tree Cheat Hate it when you get the "Opps too late" message? Try changing the number at the end of that url a few
times. People have been able to get things easier this way.Example. You click a item and get this url: Change the 4267990 a few times higher, see what you come
up with.

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